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About MY CONCORDIA portal




What is the portal for?

The objective of the portal project is to provide Concordia students, staff and faculty with a single entry point, or portal, to all services via the web. The portal combines various systems, user interfaces and technical solutions available to the Concordia community under a single consistent web based interface structure.

Users of the portal can potentially consolidate all of their web accounts and thus reduce the time it takes to access the information and services they need.

Who is the portal for?

The portal is for current students, staff and faculty at Concordia.


What services are available?

Currently the following services are available for faculty and staff:

Employees Self Service (ESS)

 For all employees:

• Change of Address
• Emergency Contact
• Benefits Inquiry
• Pay Stub

Faculty Course Management System (FCMS)

  For faculty members, academic departments:

• Get class list
• Grade entry
• Departmental administration of grade entry steps
• Get student information

Enrolment Management System (EMS)

For faculty and staff who require FTE, enrolment and admission statistics:

Upcoming services include:
• Financial Reports
• Other SIS and faculty functions for Academic departments



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